Culture Coach offers a range of wellness services including one-on-one private counselling sessions and art therapy, available either in person or online. Similarly, we can provide a supportive space for groups, large or small, as they work with a collective focus towards a desired outcome. Above all, we are highly experienced and understand the therapeutic powers of art therapy, which can be successfully utilised in team building, professional development and self-care environments.

At Culture Coach we specialise in creating positive workplace culture for all manner of businesses, both large and small. We provide a range of unique, customised workshops to improve the leadership, wellness and quality of communication in the workplace. Through dynamic interactive group processes we mindfully augment sustained change. We support group members to move from varying states of stress, disengagement and burnout to becoming strongly connected, highly productive team members.

We work to creatively navigate pathways to more functional teams and better outcomes. We target positive progression in leadership, team cohesion, conflict management, productivity, flow state, courageous communication, emotional flexibility and emotional well-being. So please, contact us now for an obligation free consultation about how we can help you to create a positive workplace culture, ensuring your team and all its members reach their potential.

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We offer a range of unique, radically transformative corporate workshops utilising different methodology. All of our workshops are tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes and are interactive, dynamic and results orientated.

“A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that TRUST each other”

Simon Sinek | Author | Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t


“Nicola brings a mastery to the art of creating safety, resilience, support and high level cooperation in a team.”

Sabine Schroeder

Psychotherapist, Empatherapies

“Nicci worked with our team of lawyers who deal daily with vicarious trauma. The systems we work with are rigid, and our legal training rigidifies our thinking, our processes, and our practice. It is with this background, and with a desire to break the mould that’s been cast for us, that we reached out to Nicci to get us flowing. In her session, Nicci opened up our creativity, and also conversations between our staff, and I believe her work had a significant impact on how we do our work. I recommend Nicci for her many qualities, but in particular, her empathy, her direction, and her creativity.”

Sarouche Razi

Former Principal Lawyer, Kimberley Community Legal Service WA

“Nicola is a fiercely creative and intelligently vulnerable leader in her field.”

Sasha Wood BA

Social worker, NGO

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“I deeply honour the First Australians and their ancestors as I live, work, play and rest on their country.”
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