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Wellness and Culture Coach, Nicola Turschwell, brings a strong, honest and fun energy to her practice of creative mindfulness coaching.

Nicola is a Disruptive Creative, inviting radical responsibility into your team. With twenty years professional experience in psychotherapy, Nicola effectively engages individuals and groups with a fusion of creative expression and technical knowledge; coaching both leaders and team members to reach their potential in work, leadership and self.

“Teamwork can be tough and with collective, committed intention for change when required, teams can be terrific. Culture Coach has led teams that have nourished mind, heart and soul, with the innate ability to guide groups through the challenging process of change. This is one of our ‘ordinary super-powers’.” – Nicola

“Inviting our thoughts and feelings into awareness allows us to learn from them rather than be driven by them.”
Daniel Siegel

Professor of psychiatry, UCLA, Mindsight Institute

“You know that the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest? … The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”
David Whyte

Poet & Philospher

Nicola’s Philosophy

Nicola provides a range of unique, customised workshops to improve the leadership, wellness and quality of communication in the workplace.

Essentially through dynamic interactive groups processes she mindfully augments sustained change. She supports group members to move from varying states of stress, disengagement and burnout to becoming strongly connected, highly productive team members.

While her workshops are tailored to your particular issues, needs and desired outcomes, they are also interactive, dynamic and results orientated.

So, contact Nicola for an obligation-free meeting to discuss how our culture coaching can help your team reach their potential.

Credentials | Nicola Turschwell

Nicola is a trained art and gestalt therapist with over 20 years experience working in various therapeutic and corporate settings. She has extensive experience in direct client therapy as well as in team leadership, supervision and management. The principles that underpin the cutting edge work that Nicola delivers are based on highly sensitised interpersonal and communication skills that create positive connections, trust and safety which establish the platform for change and growth. Nicola is well versed in theories of trauma informed practice framework, contemporary neuroscience, somatic theory, mindfulness, reflective process and creative therapies, all of which underpin her work.


2010-2013 Post Graduate Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy | Institute of Sensorimotor Art Therapy

2011 Diploma in Business Management | Uniting Care

2009 Certificate in Systemic Constellations | Margarete Koenning

2002 -2005 Master of Gestalt Therapy | Gestalt Association of Qld. Brisbane

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“I deeply honour the First Australians and their ancestors as I live, work, play and rest on their country.”
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